How Much will NOT having a Video … Cost You?

Why would a buyer pay top dollar for your house?

A good narrated video home tour is by far the best way to convey the warm features and benefits that said yes to you when you saw it.

A good video can consistently deliver that right feeling every time 24/7.

Homes with a video tour receive 403% more inquiries than those without video.


Do you have a good Video Home Tour yet? … we can help.

With your help we can create a great video that sings! We have a proven process to make it easy for you at a reasonable price. A Great Video on your local Current Home Tours site will help you

Sell your home Quickly for Top Dollar!

Get Started:
A good Narrated Home Video Tour for just $289                                                                    A good home tour to music only $189
Note – Narration can be added to this later if desired.

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Further instructions ( easy next steps and creative ideas ) will be presented to you after payment has been made.

This includes:
up to 20 photos / background music / voiceover narration ( optional but recommended)
up to 2:00 min duration (photos and script supplied by you)
Draft with 1 revision

Longer custom videos can be done for a reasonable extra fee. Start with the basic video, we can expand it once we discuss your needs.

This is what to expect – see 2 examples Click Here

Any Questions? … [email protected]

Your Video Tour Resources:

We will be using our in house video editing technology and artistic know how to create your beautiful video home tour.

To do this we need you to provide the valuable resources that only you know best.

These are … great photos taken from the angles that only you know best … as well as a good walk through description of what makes your house special.

When it comes to digital photography, there’s good news:, most smartphones and digital cameras are very capable of the good quality photography we need for a Youtube video. This makes it easy for you to take the time needed to create a good portfolio of photos to convey the appeal of your home. We’ll create the movement / panning effect and narration for you.

Good photos alone, however, do not make a compelling presentation, it’s the way they’re presented to the viewer that makes it sing! It’s the story presented in words as well as images that brings emotion. With a little coaching from us and your knowledge and love for your home, we can tap this medium’s potential and make it an effective sales tool that will present your home to any buyer online at any time 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Your video can be used on any website and uploaded to video networks like Youtube. We can also help with this.